Mona Sharma Founder // CEO

About Mona Sharma:
Mona Sharma is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, and NLP practitioner based in L.A. and Toronto. She's a mother to Elijah and baby India, a wife to Craig, who is a film director, and the founder and CEO of Xicama™, an innovative line of functional food and beverage products that deliver the gut and immune boosting benefits of Jicama.

In her late twenties, while working a high-powered, high-stress role in the corporate beauty world, Mona began to experience chronic anxiety, severe digestive issues, and heart palpitations that persisted after two heart surgeries. After hitting rock bottom, she decided to switch gears and turn her attention to her personal health, returning to her roots of living on an Ashram with her parents. She began to make use of the tools she obtained on the Ashram, where emphasis was placed on bringing the mind and body back to balance through yoga, meditation, mantras, and Ayurvedic meals. After healing from her major health issues, Mona shifted her professional career toward health and wellness. She began working with professional athletes, celebrities, and CEO's to bring balance back to their lives, as well as peace and happiness back to their mindset, so they could thrive.

For over a decade, Mona has worked with clients on mind-body connection, the link between inflammation, gut health and vitality, and the foods that fuel optimal health. One day, while pregnant with baby India, Mona was eating Jicama in her kitchen with her husband, when they decided to pull out the juicer to make some Jicama juice. Aware of its benefits for gut health and immunity, they kept the conversation going, leading to the establishment of her own company, IQ Foods International— for which Xicama™, an innovative Jicama-based food and beverage line, is the flagship brand.

Mona's philosophy is that it's time for us to take back our health, and decide that we are worth more than living with symptoms we've gotten used to. Food, meditation, and movement are the ultimate pillars to a vibrant mind and body for life.